Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 6 – Prince Edward Island

Monday, June 27

We drive to mainland Nova Scotia to board a ferry to the picturesque province of Prince Edward Island, where we pass over unspoiled farmlands en route to Prince Edward Island National Seashore Park, a 25-mile long sliver of land protecting some of Canada’s best beaches. The seashore park is home to red sand beaches and bluffs, wetlands, red fox and great blue heron and over 300 species of birds. These beaches on the island's north central coast are among the best in Canada.

Life moves at a slower pace on Prince Edward Island, a quality valued by its many visitors. PEI is a flat expanse of land only 120 miles long, located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, east of New Brunswick and north of Nova Scotia. The island's namesake Prince Edward (1767-1820) was the father of Queen Victoria. As the son of England's King George III, Prince Edward was a British military officer posted to Halifax in 1791. He became official commander of all British forces in North America in 1799.

There will be a group dinner tonight, and we'll enjoy the first of a 2 night stay in Brackley Beach, a mere speck of a town adjacent to the national seashore park, 25 minutes north of Charlottetown, the capital (pop. 40,000) of PEI. Brackley Beach is shown on the above map as a red dot.

North Wind Inn and Suites. Indoor heated pool, outdoor hot tub, complimentary WiFi, landscaped walking path.

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