Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 9 – Peggys Cove, Halifax

Thursday, June 30

Morning visit to the idyllic fishing village and artists’ retreat known as Peggys Cove (population 120; the lack of an apostrophe is not a typo), with a photo op at the classic red and white octagonal lighthouse, set atop a huge outcropping of granite. The picturesque harbor off St. Margarets Bay is the size of a postage stamp.

Then, we'll take a sightseeing drive around Halifax, including a visit to the 17th century fort, Citadel Hill, which looms 10 stories above downtown. Live interpreters strut around in kilts and bearskin hats while toodling on bagpipes, stopping to fire a cannon every day at noon.

The Old Town Clock Building (photo below) with its fanciful cupola perched on Citadel Hill has been displaying the time for the citizens of Halifax since 1803.
Afternoon at leisure in Halifax to explore the harbour area attractions and shopping within walking distance of our hotel. At the evening group dinner we'll say goodbye to the coach tour participants.

The Halifax waterfront has a bustling boardwalk with shops, restaurants, historic buildings and entertainment. Harbor cruises and the Dartmouth ferries leave from this area. A R/T Dartmouth ferry ticket with a return transfer good for 90 minutes costs only $2.25 CAD.

As the largest employer in the region, the Navy has a huge presence in Halifax, which is home to Maritime Forces Atlantic HQ and the navy's East Coast Fleet.

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  1. May I use your photo of Citadel Hill? It is for educaitonal purposes.
    Wayne MacIntyre